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All year-round, experience our fun, exciting and educational technological training, with individualised learning paths. We empower tweens, teens and young adults with skills to bring the creations of their imaginations to life, whist developing a monetisable and globally competitive skillset. Join our online programmes year-round or our in-person camps during school breaks. Our proven courses, tools and techniques have helped many to establish globally-dominant foundation and mastery of technology in Animation, App Development, Web Development, and our latest focus on AI enabling them to study and landing jobs in tech-sectors, as well as winning international competitions. This year, our 100% online programmes expand the reach of our tutors into your home, bringing all the best of our project-based activities in our lessons with the convenience of learning from home. :

  • Website Design, Cartoon Animation and Mobile Application Design
  • Entrepreneurship in Tech
  • Public Speaking - Soft Skills Module
  • Engage your child in healthy-screen time.
  • Be 100% Virtual, and Convenient
  • Experience Open Day - Presentations and Certificates

Who We Are

Education World

Vision & Mision

Our vision is to "break barriers of learning; actualising potential."

Education World


Our mission is to use Coding for the the development of Confidence, Competence, Clarity, in learners through Information and Inspiration by providing self-directed and self-paced digital lessons along with live support for learners.

Education World

Board of Management

With the kind help of a multi-national collective of very gifted and achieved individuals, working in consulting, education, medical technology, pharamaceutical and computer science we stand ready to support learners, globally.

Tech Camp,Online

Awards & Achievements

Our greatest achievements are those of our past students who have been able to excel in STEM subjects at primary/prep/high school, excelled in external STEM examinations, receive numerous scholarships to pursue Computer Programming and other Technological fields at Ivy League Universities, landed roles in competitive jobs at Fortune 500 companies and won international coding competitions.

Our Approach
Proven Tools and Techniques

Tech Camp
Exciting Project-Based Lessons and Expert Instructors

We Code

Remote learners are digitally sent pre-recorded lessons, as work-along videos and short assessment quizzes, with real-time feedback. Completion of activities trigger the release of next lesson notification. This allows students to go at a pace of their choosing. Live tutor-led coding classes are scheduled for Monday to Thursday, 9am to 12:00noon. .
Parents/Sponsors that register/gift students access to the Tech Camp Online; digital learning path can choose to be notified each time a lesson is completed, to help encourage the rewarding process of learning. We encourage parents to allow children to "Show" them what they are doing, and no matter what it looks like, look and listen intently.